Booking and Usage Terms and Conditions

By using or accessing (hereinafter "Wikicampers"), the User agrees to comply with the following Terms and Conditions. Users who do not unreservedly accept these Terms and Conditions shall not be authorised to access Wikicampers or use its services.

Wikicampers is under the exclusive ownership of Hors Limites 64, a company with capital of €5,056, located at 243 Allée Théodore Monod, 64210 Bidart, France, and listed on the Bayonne Trades and Companies Register (RCS) under the number 751 873 894.

The website is hosted by OVH, 2 Rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France.

1. Définitions

User: refers to any natural person or legal entity who accesses the website, regardless of membership status.

Member: refers to any User logged into the website for the purpose of using its services.

Member area: refers to the private section of the website reserved for each member. This can be accessed using a Password and contains the Member's personal information.

Password: confidential information used to enable a Member to log in and gain access to the Member area.

Owner: refers to any Member who leases a vehicle under the terms set down by Wikicampers.

Rental company: refers to a legal entity whose business activity is related to cars or car rental as defined by the French Occupational Activity Classification (Nomenclature d’Activité Professionnelle; denoted by an APE code), which makes available for rental, through Wikicampers, the vehicle(s) that it owns or over which it has custody and control by way of a long-term rental or leasing agreement.

Renter: refers to any Member who reserves a vehicle on the website.

Rental agreement: refers to the signed agreement between the Owner and Renter. An agreement template is provided by Wikicampers.

2. Purpose

Wikicampers is an online platform that allows owners to post advertisements for the rental of their vehicles, which fall into different price categories, to potential renters. Wikicampers shall provide fully comprehensive insurance cover for rental vehicles on behalf of the Renter and the Owner.

Wikicampers provides the means by which Owners can enter into agreements directly with Renters for the rental of their recreational vehicle. However, Wikicampers is not party to any agreement concluded between Owners and Renters. Owners and Renters are therefore entirely responsible for all agreements that they conclude, particularly with respect to the quality, safety and legality of rental vehicles, as well as the authenticity and accuracy of postings.

3. Rental vehicles

Vehicles advertised for rent on the Wikicampers platform belong to natural persons or legal entities.

They are "recreational vehicles", offering facilities for one or more people to move around, sleep and cook inside the vehicle.

4. Commitments by Wikicampers

Wikicampers shall make every effort to ensure that the website remains operational. However, Wikicampers reserves the right to temporarily interrupt its services in order to perform maintenance and/or upgrades.

Wikicampers shall notify the Owner by email of booking requests.

Wikicampers shall provide fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the rental, the details for which are set out on the Rental Insurance page.

Wikicampers shall facilitate the website user experience, such as by offering guidance for posting advertisements and providing an agreement template.

Wikicampers shall endeavour to guarantee the highest level of security for its users by:

  • Only making payment to owners after the rental has commenced (three business days after commencement);
  • Handling payments for bookings;
  • Handling security deposits;
  • Providing a secure payment facility (CM-CIC Payment);
  • Providing its users with a customer ratings and review facility. Users may contact Wikicampers (e.g. for complaints, suggestions, advice, platform user support, comments) by email:, or by telephone: +44 2034 455603 (landline; calls charged at the standard rate).

5. Registration conditions

To use Wikicampers services, users must strictly adhere to the following conditions:

  • Registration to Wikicampers must be carried out under a user's real identity;
  • User accounts are limited to one per person.

Registration is free of charge.

For registration and in order to make a reservation or post an advertisement, the user must complete an electronic form and provide the following details: full name, email address, password, confirmation of the password, and agree to these Booking and Usage Terms and Conditions.

Posting an advertisement

To post an advertisement, Owners must:

  • Ensure that the vehicle meets the necessary conditions for posting an advertisement (see Article 3);
  • Complete an electronic form, on which users provide details regarding their identity (e.g. address, telephone number) and their vehicle (e.g. location, facilities, photos, price, availability calendar, registration number, vehicle certificate of registration, etc.);
  • Agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

Owners shall not provide their address, email address or telephone number in the advertisement description.

Wikicampers reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements posted by Owners.

7. Site operation

Owners provide details regarding their vehicle (e.g. location, facilities, photos, etc.) and set a rental price for the vehicle. Owners may also set multiple rates and apply them to different time periods. Owners are responsible for rates applied to dates in their calendar and for updating the dates of vehicle availability.

Advertisements are visible to all Users of the website and mobile app. Users must create an account in order to be able to contact Owners and make booking requests.

To make a booking request, Members select the vehicle that they would like to book, the start and end dates of the rental, the number of people travelling and the estimated mileage for the rental period.

7.1 Standard booking:

Renters send a message to the Owner, briefly describing their intended use of the vehicle (e.g. purpose of travel, destinations, etc.). Renters can also leave a contact telephone number for an Owner.

Booking requests must be made at least 48 hours before the rental start date.

Owners are notified of reservation requests by email and SMS (if a mobile telephone number was provided).

a. If the Owner confirms availability of the vehicle:

Members who make a booking request shall receive an email and SMS (if a mobile telephone number was provided), notifying them that the request has been accepted. To confirm the booking, Members must log in to the Wikicampers platform, read and/or view the mandatory insurance conditions and optional extras (see Article 17), agree to the Booking and Usage Terms and Conditions, before proceeding to payment of the booking (see Article 8).

The booking is confirmed once payment has been approved. The Renter and Owner both receive a confirmation email for the booking.

Paper-based procedure:

Before the rental period commences, the Owner shall receive an email including the pre-completed rental agreement that serves as an insurance certificate, as well as the relevant rental documents. The Owner then prints off the documents. Owners who do not receive these documents before the rental commences must contact the Wikicampers team.

The rental agreement is only sent after the renter and owner have submitted all required documents to Wikicampers (e.g. vehicle registration certificate, driving licence, identity card, deposit) in accordance with Article 10.

On the day of booking, the Owner and Renter both complete and sign the rental agreement. The rental agreement is signed in two copies; each party retains a copy.

Procedure using the MyWikicampers mobile app:

The MyWikicampers mobile app can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play Store. The Owner and Renter complete and sign the inventory on the mobile app on the commencement date. Each party receives a signed copy of the rental agreement by email.

In the event of a discrepancy, the Renter and Owner have two days in which to contact Wikicampers.

Wikicampers forwards payment amounts for bookings to the Owner by bank transfer, without the need for a notification.

Following the rental, the Owner and Renter can give each other a rating by logging into their Member Area. All defamatory, abusive, inappropriate or offensive language is prohibited and will be removed by a moderator.

b. Where the Owner rejects a booking request:

Members who make the booking request shall receive an email notifying them that the request has been rejected. Members may continue to make alternative booking requests. In order to uphold the quality of its service, Wikicampers reserves the right to deactivate the account of any Member deemed to have rejected an excessive number of booking requests.

7.2 Instant booking:

Owners may activate the "Instant Booking" facility free of charge. This option is mandatory for Rental Companies.

When activated, the "Instant Booking" option will appear as an icon on the advertisement. The Member completes the form on the advertisement (start and end dates, mileage) and clicks on "Book now". The Member is then directed to make payment for the booking. The Renter and Owner both receive a confirmation email and an SMS (if a mobile telephone number was provided).

The Renter and Owner have 24 hours from the time of payment to cancel the booking without charge. After this time, the booking is automatically confirmed and payment is taken from the bank account of the renter. The Renter and Owner both receive a confirmation email.

If the booking is confirmed, the same procedure applies as for the standard booking before and after commencement.

8. Payment methods

Payment is accepted by bank card, bank transfer, PayPal, cheque (French-issued cheques only).

For instant bookings, payment must be made at the time of booking by bank card only. Balances still outstanding 30 days before a rental commences may be paid using any accepted method on the Wikicampers website.

Payment in cash or by money order is not accepted.

The Renter may contact the Wikicampers website to make payment or confirm the chosen payment method. The renter shall then receive a notification email.

Wikicampers accepts no liability for payments made outside of the platform.

a. For reservations less than 30 days before the rental commences:

The Renter shall pay the full amount of the booking. Payment must be approved 48 hours before the rental commences. For payments by cheque and holiday vouchers: when selecting this method, allowance must be made for the length of time for postal delivery in the receipt of payment by Wikicampers

b. For reservations less than 30 days before the rental commences:

The Renter shall pay for the booking in two instalments, without extra charge. To confirm a booking, the Renter must make a 30% advance payment. At least 30 days before the rental commences, the Renter must then pay the remaining balance by logging in to his/her Member Area.

For payments by cheque: the Renter may send two cheques to complete payment in full. An advance cheque in the amount of 30% of the rental value, which must be paid at the time of booking. A cheque in the amount of 70% of the rental value, which must be paid 30 days before the rental commences.

9. Security deposit

Wikicampers handles all security deposits.

Security deposits may be made by: bank card imprint or by cheque (French-issued cheques only). Payment is not taken.

The value of the security deposit is €2,000.

The Renter must provide the security deposit before the rental commences. Should Wikicampers not receive the security deposit at least 48 hours before the rental commences, the transaction will be deemed incomplete and the booking will be cancelled.

At the end of the rental, if no incident or damage is reported, no payment is taken from the bank card or the deposit cheque is destroyed, depending on the chosen payment method. The Renter shall be notified by email.

In the event of an accident and/or damage, the security deposit covers:

  • The value of the insurance excess (where repair costs exceed the value of the excess);
  • Repair costs (where this amount is less than the value of the excess);
  • An administration fee of €50 incl. tax.

10. Required documents

Owner must forward a copy of the vehicle registration certificate for their vehicle when posting the advertisement, as well as provide their bank account identification document (BBAN/RIB) in order to receive payment by bank transfer.

Renters must forward the following documents once the booking is confirmed:

  • Scanned copy of the driving licence for each driver (up to two drivers)
  • Scanned copy of the identity document for each driver (up to two drivers);
  • Bank card imprint (taken over the telephone) or deposit cheque for €2,000 made payable to Wikicampers

Owners and Renters may provide these documents in a number of ways:

  • Via the Member Area, under the "My Profile" heading (uploading documents online);
  • By email:;

11. Booking procedure

All bookings completed via the website or the mobile app are subject, without exception, to these Booking and Usage Terms and Conditions.

Bookings are confirmed once payment is received (see Article 8). Instant bookings are confirmed 24 hours after payment is made.

Renters should note that they do not have a right of withdrawal, given that the services relate to accommodation and leisure activities (Article L121-20-4(2) of the French Consumer Code).

12. Cancelling a confirmed booking and refunds

The terms and conditions of cancellation aim to protect Renters and Owners in the event that either party opts to cancel. Owners agree to these conditions when they post a rental advertisement, as do Renters when they confirm a booking. Both parties agree to comply with these conditions.

Under Article L. 21-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the remote sale of accommodation, transport and leisure services delivered on a specified date.

12.1 Standard booking:

a. Where the booking is cancelled by the Renter:

  • 30 days of more before commencement: advance payments are not refunded.
  • 8-29 days before commencement: 50% refund of the value of the booking.
  • 7 days and less before commencement: no refund, the full price of the booking must be paid.
  • After commencement of the rental: if a Renter returns the vehicle before the end of the rental period or has not used all of their allotted mileage, the Renter shall not be entitled to a refund from Wikicampers.

Where the booking is cancelled by the Renter, the Owner shall receive:

  • Cancellation 30 days or more before commencement: 30% of the total amount.
  • 8-29 days before commencement: 50% of the total amount.
  • 7 days and less before commencement: 100% of the total amount.

Following cancellation, the Owner will be paid for the rental in part or in full, by bank transfer, within eight days of the cancellation.

b. If the Owner is not able to provide the rental vehicle and cancels the booking:

The Owner must notify the Renter and Wikicampers at the earliest opportunity. A fee of €150 incl. taxes shall apply to each cancellation. Cancellation fees are paid to Wikicampers and cover renter assistance and follow-up costs. The Owner must pay the cancellation fee within 30 days.

The Renter has the following options:

  • Change the dates of the booking (as agreed with the Owner).
  • Rent an alternative vehicle (subject to availability and the agreement of the Owner of the vehicle in question). If the value of the booking is lower, the Renter shall be refunded the difference. If the value of the booking is higher, the Renter must pay the difference.
  • Receive a refund for all amounts paid.

For cancellations less than eight days prior to commencement, customer services shall make every effort to provide a new vehicle for a Renter, in line with the Renter’s requirements. Wikicampers also apply a 10% discount (excluding insurance and service charges) where the alternative rented vehicle is more expensive than that for the original cancelled booking.

If no replacement vehicle is available, the renter shall receive a refund of all amounts paid.

The Renter shall not be entitled to any other compensation by Wikicampers.

Refunds shall be issued within eight days of cancellation, by re-crediting the bank card of PayPal account used for payment, or by bank transfer.

To be eligible for refunds, all cancellations must be made through Wikicampers via the Member Area.

12.2 Instant booking:

The Renter and Owner may cancel instant bookings without charge, within 24 hours of payment. After this time, the cancellation procedure is the same as that for a standard booking.

13. Fees earned by Wikicampers

Registration is free of charge.

The website earns a commission of 15% and service charges applicable to the rental price. Prices indicated on postings include all charges and insurance costs. When the Owner receives payment by bank transfer (three days after the rental commencement date) the website commission has already been deducted.

14. Owner obligations

Owners shall describe their rental vehicle based on the criteria set down by Wikicampers. Owners are solely responsible for descriptions posted on the website.

Owners shall ensure that their rental vehicle is legal (valid roadworthiness test certificate), meets applicable safety regulations, including the performance of maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and having safety equipment in excellent condition. Owners shall take particular care to ensure that tyres, brakes, headlights, steering and the battery are in good working order, as well as ensure that the vehicle is equipped with a reflective jacket and warning triangle.

Where Owners have made their own modifications to a vehicle, they must verify with the relevant bodies that the vehicle complies with all safety regulations. For everyone's safety, it is recommended that vehicles are approved by the local branch of the Regional Directorate for Environment, Development and Housing (Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement - DREAL).

Owners shall take out appropriate annual personal insurance cover. Owners must leave their insurance policy green card in the vehicle at all times.

For all rentals, Owners shall comply with instructions given by Wikicampers, including checking the identity of Renters, completing and signing rental agreements and, if necessary, completing and signing damage claim forms. All documents must be signed in two copies by the Owner and Renter at the beginning of the rental. The Renter and Owner shall each retain a copy.

Owners shall allocate 90 minutes before the beginning of each rental to carry out a thorough inventory and demonstration of the vehicle's features, as well as making Renters aware of the vehicle's height, overhang and reversing manoeuvres, which may also include a joint test drive.

15. Renter obligations

Renters shall comply with all instructions given by Wikicampers, including checking the condition of the rental vehicle, completing and signing the rental agreement and, if necessary, completing and signing a damage claim form. All documents must be signed in two copies by the Renter and Owner at the beginning of the rental. The Renter and Owner shall each retain a copy.

If a Renter believes that the rental vehicle does not match the advertisement posted on Wikicampers or does not comply with safety regulations, the Renter shall not accept the rental. The Renter must then notify Wikicampers within 48 hours of the scheduled commencement date by telephone or email at

Renters shall ensure that the rental vehicle, its features and accessories are kept in good working order. Renter shall drive responsibly and obey the highway code. Renters shall also ensure that the vehicle is not used:

  • As paid passenger transport;
  • To power or tow any other vehicle, trailer or any other rolling or non-rolling object;
  • For competition;
  • For unlawful purposes;
  • As a learner vehicle.

Renters shall observe the return dates and times agreed with an Owner.

16. Rental agreement

Wikicampers provides a template rental agreement. The rental agreement is pre-completed and includes specific details of the rental. Wikicampers sends the rental agreement by email for each rental booking.

The rental agreement is agreed directly by the Owner and Renter, at the time of inventory and handover of the vehicle.

The identity of the Renter, the vehicle and the rental start and end date must match the rental details displayed on the website.

The rental agreement must be signed in two copies by the Owner and Renter, at the beginning and end of the rental. The Renter and Owner shall each retain a copy.

The rental agreement may also be signed electronically using the MyWikicampers app. The Owner and Renter both receive a copy by email.

In the event of an accident, the rental agreement must be forwarded to the accident department ( no more than two business days after the end of the rental.

17. Rental insurance

Insurance is included within this agreement under the terms and conditions stated under Rental insurance. Wikicampers is responsible for arranging insurance cover and paying monthly premiums.

a. Vehicles covered by insurance must meet the following criteria:

  • Weight of less than 3.5 tonnes;
  • Replacement value of less than €100,000;
  • Valid (i.e. ‘uncrossed’) vehicle registration certificate issued in France;
  • Possession of a valid roadworthiness test certificate;
  • The vehicle registration certificate must be valid and in the owner's name (sections C1 and C3 of the certificate);
  • Be registered and approved by Wikicampers.

b. Drivers covered by insurance:

  • Drivers must be aged 23 or over;
  • Drivers must hold a valid category B licence, and have done so for at least three years;
  • Drivers must have forwarded the required documentation (driving licence and identity document) to Wikicampers before the rental commences;
  • The number of drivers is limited to two per booking.

c. Renters are not insured in instances where:

  • They use the vehicle for non-private use;
  • They carry passengers in return for payment;
  • They are unable to return the original keys of the vehicle to the Owner after reporting the vehicle as stolen;
  • A driver is under the influence of alcohol as defined by the highway code, or where the driver has used illegal drugs or narcotics, or where the driver has taken medication (prescribed or otherwise) whose side-effects include drowsiness;
  • Damage occurs to the vehicle after the end of the rental period stipulated in the agreement;
  • A Renter and/or driver supply false information regarding their identity or the validity of their driving licence(s);
  • Damage is sustained as a result of intentional actions by a Renter and/or driver;
  • The vehicle is used to carry excess loads or to transport a number of passengers greater than that permitted on the vehicle certificate of registration.

d. Insurance cover and excess

The insurance excess is the portion payable by the renter in the event of an incident for which the driver is responsible or where there are no identified third parties. The excess may be applied in part or in full, depending on the driver's share of responsibility.

An excess is applied to every incident.
Multiple excesses shall apply in the event of non-concurrent incidents.

The driver and accompanying passengers are covered up to the following amounts:

  • Individual driver cover up to €150,000;
  • • Civil liability cover towards third parties and passengers in the vehicle excluding excess, and limits: unlimited for personal injury; €100 million limit for pecuniary damage.

Insurance cover for use of the vehicle is as follows:

  • Damage to the vehicle, fire and theft - excess of €1,200;
  • Theft, theft by breach of trust and theft by means of fraud (Art. 313 and 314 of the French Criminal Code) - excess of €1,200;
  • Broken windows (windscreen, side windows, rear window, headlights, sunroof, solar panels) - excess of €150;
  • Protecting the rights of the insured and customs duties: no excess for this cover;
  • Owner's private contents and vehicle accessories cover up to a value of €1,000 (no excess). Private contents include: accessories and fittings required to use the vehicle as living space and not included in the manufacturer's list, as well as linen, tableware, foodstuffs, clothing, effects and items and anything generally contained therein.

Please note: a special excess of €2,000 and an excess of €1,000 on the civil liability allowance shall apply where the driver has held a category B licence for less than five years on the date of the incident.

e. Vehicle assistance

Rental vehicles can avail of assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is accessible by telephone.

Assistance services consist primarily of transporting broken-down or damaged (i.e. unusable) vehicles to the nearest garage, returning its occupant(s) and compensating the owner for the cost of collecting the vehicle (by agreement with the assistance provider).

18. Additional services

Additional services may be included when paying for the booking (advance or remaining balance). They may not be added once the rental has commenced.

a. Mini excess

The mini excess option allows you to reduce the excess from €1,200 to €400 in the event of an incident for which the driver is responsible (or where no third party is identified) and from €150 to €50 for broken windows.

This must be the result of a traffic accident, theft, attempted theft, fire or broken windows.

This does not include:

  • Interior damage, regardless of cause;
  • Damage to electronic devices such as TVs, DVD players, GPS systems, tablets;
  • Tyres;
  • Use of the wrong fuel, running out of fuel, flat batteries;
  • Fines incurred or damage caused by impoundment of the vehicle;
  • All intentional damage;
  • Repeat rental of the same vehicle within the previous month, without this option.

c. Private contents belonging to the Renter up to €2,000 (no excess)

Any such claims are based on the assumption that personal effects and items have been stored inside a closed vehicle, with the doors locked and the windows up, or inside a compartment specially designed for this purpose, which has also been locked.

Electronic devices, household appliances, Hi-Fi, video, computer hardware and games consoles are subject to an annual rate of depreciation of 10% from first use (20% for computer hardware and games consoles) up to a maximum of 70%, with the remaining 30% corresponding to value-in-use.

No repayment shall be made for items such as jewellery, precious stones or metals, furs, artworks, sculptures, paintings, shares, securities, capital, cash, payment cards, goods for sale, professional equipment or animals.

c. Refunds arising from unforeseen circumstances

In the event of cancellation by the Renter, Wikicampers shall issue a refund to the Renter for amounts already paid, for the following reasons:

  • Illness, accident or death of the rental agreement holder or a parent or close family member;
  • Complications during pregnancy;
  • Redundancy or loss of a job without notice;
  • Natural disaster or terrorist attack at the holiday destination;
  • Loss of driving licence in the 30 days prior to the start date of the booking;
  • An incident at the Renter's place of residence that requires someone to be present.

Any other grounds for cancellation shall not be considered.

Renters can cancel their booking in the Member Area and must also forward a refund request along with supporting documentation by email to within 48 hours of commencement of the rental.

Wikicampers reserves the right to request all supporting documents that are required to process a refund application.
If a Renter makes a service request to any other service provider, they must inform Wikicampers of the name of the organisation and the actions taken.

d. Tyre refunds

All total or partial tyre damage not covered by the standard policy, which adversely affects the vehicle's operation and caused by:

  • Puncture;
  • Act of vandalism;
  • Contact with a pavement or any other object that renders the tyre inoperable.

Tyres that are more than six years old or have excessive wear (i.e. greater than 1.6mm) are not covered. In such cases, the owner is responsible for the cost of replacing the tyre(s).

The cost of replacing the tyre(s) shall be refunded upon presentation of the relevant invoice. The maximum allowable replacement value is €150 incl. tax per tyre.

e. International travel

Travel to and within the following countries is permitted with the "International travel" option:

Austria, Albany, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Islamic Republic of Iran, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.

19. Premium service

A Premium service is available on an annual subscription basis, which is renewable and begins on the date of receipt of payment (by cheque or bank card by telephone). As well as the 12-month subscription, there is a further contribution per day of rental (deducted from amounts paid to the owner).

Owners who sign up to the premium service can access additional rental options, including:

a. Premium assistance

Vehicles with Premium service have access to the following:

  • A team of camper van experts, contactable 24/7 by renters using a dedicated multilingual hotline.
  • Remote fault finding and repair via telephone with the help of a specialist technician.
  • Mechanic search to help get back on the road.
  • Assistance in using equipment and troubleshooting.
  • Travel information (e.g. procedures, journey planning, etc.) and practical information (e.g. administrative procedures or private matters).
  • Subject to certain conditions, return of the vehicle to the garage of your choice while abroad.

b. Dashboard and user experience

Owners who sign up to the Premium service can access the "Statistics" tab in their Member Area. They have access to detailed statistics for tracking, comparing and improving their rental activity.

c. Commission bonus on every sixth booking

The commission for every sixth booking (i.e. sixth, twelfth, eighteenth, etc.) booking is passed through and paid in full to the owner.

This commission bonus is factored in when the renter pays for a booking and is forwarded to the owner at the time of the earnings payment, three days after commencement of the rental.

d. Highlighted advertisements

A badge is placed next to the postings by the owner of vehicle(s) covered by the premium service. The badge provides increased visibility and attracts increased interest from renters.

20. Wikicampers liability

Wikicampers facilitates and offers a secure platform for the rental of recreational vehicles.

Wikicampers is an online rental exchange and not a rental company.

Wikicampers cannot confirm the identity of each Member or the identification of vehicles. The Renter and Owner are each responsible for verifying the identity of their respective counterpart.

Information provided via the website may contain technical or factual inaccuracies, or spelling mistakes. Wikicampers accepts no liability for such inaccuracies or errors and reserves the right to make amendments and corrections, at any time and without notice.

21. Taxes and duties

Owners are responsible for declaring and paying all taxes and duties relating to the rental of vehicles.

Rental companies must treat earnings as income from business activity.

22. Termination and removal

Wikicampers has the right to remove any user who does not adhere to the terms hereof, at any time and without notice.

23. Changes to the Booking and Usage Terms and Conditions

The use of the Wikicampers website and its services is subject to the acceptance hereof. Wikicampers reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Amendments shall take immediate effect as of publication of the new terms and conditions, which all users acknowledge having read beforehand.

24. Intellectual property rights

All constituent parts of the website (software, content, information, documents and images) are the property of Hors Limites 64. All reproduction, in full or in part, is subject to the prior written consent of Hors Limites 64. The company accepts no liability for breaches of third party rights resulting from any action or non-compliant use of the website by a User.

25. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to French law.

Should any dispute arise with regard to the validity, performance or interpretation of this Agreement and which might be brought before the civil courts, the French courts are hereby assigned exclusive jurisdiction, including proceedings involving multiple defendants or summary proceedings.

In accordance with Articles L.211-3 and L.616-1 of the French Consumer Code, users are notified that they can in any event initiate a process of mediation or any other dispute resolution mechanism (e.g. conciliation) in the event of a dispute. Wikicampers has an accreditation agreement with Bayonne Médiation, 32 Rue du Hameau, 64200 Biarritz, France, +33(0)679598338, www.bayonne-mé

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