Insurance and assistance for renting a camper

Since 2012, we have been designing insurance and assistance contracts to give you total peace of mind while you travel.

Where would you like to start your trip?

Each country has its own insurance specificities. To start off on the right foot, we need to know in which country you want to start your trip so that we can give you the right information on the insurance terms and conditions!

Departing from the rest of Europe and the World

  • If you are departing from the rest of Europe and the World, the rental vehicles belong to professionals.
  • The professional rental agent will provide the insurance.
  • You can view the insurance details on each vehicle's listing.


Fully comprehensive insurance

A camper insurance policy tailored to your needs.


Property inspections simplified

The mobile app makes
the process easier.


Roadside assistance

We'll be there to assist you throughout Europe.