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The story begins in 2012 when 2 friends, passionate about traveling and seeking new challenges, decide to set off on an entrepreneurial adventure!

fourgon amenage au pays basque

How the adventure got started

After getting their masters degrees, the future founders went off traveling, backpack in hand, for several months. While Fanny trekked through New Zealand in a station wagon, Marion hitchhiked across South America. Dedicated to traveling and the "nomad attitude", they threw themselves freely and wholedheartedly into the adventure of starting a business.

Wikicampers was born in the Basque Country, between the waves of the Atlantic and the peaks of the Pyrenees.

One mission: to make nomadic traveling easier

At its inception, Wikicampers was a peer-to-peer platform for renting campers, vans and motorhomes, making it possible for everyone to experience nomadic traveling.

Travelers, drawn to our concept and way of living, were asking us to help them overcome the hurdle of buying their own camper. Since 2021, Wikicampers facilitates and ensures the sale of pre-owned outfitted vehicles between peers. And as the purchase of a roaming home can come at a cost, we offer customized financial solutions.

faciliter le voyage nomade
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The team dedicated to the community

Since its launch, Wikicampers has come a long way. In its offices in Bidart, more than 25 colleagues (a.k.a. the WikiTeam) serve the community and actively participate in the innovative development of our services.

Does the Wikicampers concept strike a chord with you? Head on over to see all the opportunities to join our team.

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Why "Wikicampers"?

Before getting into the origin of our brand's name, just to let you know, the "s" at the end of Wikicampers is not silent.

Wiki is a Hawaiian word that means "quick". In Internet lingo, a wiki is a website where the pages can be modified by its users. This is the foundation of Wikicampers — it's the community who adds its content by posting listings and sharing tips and recommendations.

Campers is the international generic term that includes all recreational vehicles, outfitted for eating and sleeping — from the converted van to the motorhome.

"Campers" all over the world. They're called véhicule récréatif in Canada, recreational vehicle in the USA, wohnmobil in Germany, autocaravana in Spain, matkailuauto in Finland, husbil in Sweden, motocasa in Brazil, 房车 in China…

Would you like more information on our commitments?

To meet the expections of the community and guarantee the quality of our service, we've set best practices for ourselves.

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