Wikicampers, the concept

Wikicampers was born in the Basque Country, more specifically in Anglet (64), between the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range. This is where rugby and surf cultures come together.

Having finished their Master’s degrees, the future founders of Wikicampers went backpacking for several months. While one travelled across New Zealand in a station wagon, the other hitchhiked across South America. Travel enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor sports (surfing, rock climbing, multisport events), the two women fell in love with the freedom of movement that travelling in a camper gave them.

Proponents of the “nomad attitude”, they created Wikicampers.

How does it work ?

Wikicampers is an innovative website that brings together owners of recreational vehicles and people interested in new experiences based on embracing a less traditional type of holiday.

You look for an available camper close to you. You book the vehicle directly online. On the departure date, you meet with the owner and the deal is done, it’s as simple as that !

After you return the car, you leave a comment to inform other members of your level of satisfaction.

What is the purpose ?

Of course, Wikicampers helps you save money by booking a camper at a price that is cheaper than you would get from a professional rental company.

However, Wikicampers is much more than that! It is not only a website, it is a collaborative platform that aims to build a real community of people who share the same passion for travelling freely. You will be able to share your travel experiences, allow the community to take advantage of your tips and tricks, and maybe even make new friends…

On average, owners use their campers only 9 weeks of the year. Sharing means consuming more efficiently and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Protecting the environment is one of our key values.

Joining Wikicampers also means showing your interest in responsible and sustainable consumption !

You will find news, advice, and route ideas on our blog. Much more than a classified ads website, Wikicampers is a place to share experiences and information !

A home on wheels knows no boundaries !

Our charter of commitment :

  1. Acting with transparency. We want you to enjoy an unforgettable experience with Wikicampers, which is why we do not apply any hidden charges.
  2. Listening to the community. You can contact our team at any moment, by email or phone. Share your advice and comments with us to help us develop services that suit you.
  3. Promoting owners’ ads. We use Google (among others) to offer you maximum visibility and increase your chances of renting your camper.
  4. Developing partnerships. We work on developing partnerships with regional tourism committees (CRT), event organisers, and stakeholders in tourism in a more comprehensive way to offer you services that meet your expectations.
  5. Making life simpler ! We make it easier for you by providing a rental agreement template and giving advice about placing your ads online.

Why “WikiCampers” ?

Wiki is a Hawaiian word that means “quick”. In the language of the internet, a wiki is a website whose pages can be edited by users. This is the idea behind Wikicampers – it is the community that adds its content by publishing ads and sharing tricks and tips.

Campers is the generic international word to describe all recreational vehicles designed to eat and sleep in, from converted vans to camper vans.

“Campers” in the world. A camper is called véhicule récréatif in Canada, recreational vehicle in the United States, wohnmobil in Germany, autocaravana in Spain, matkailuauto in Finland, husbil in Sweden, motocasa in Brazil, and 房车 in China.